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The Real Life Dragon.

Welcome to another Weekly Weird post. We're here to talk about the flying lizard and its unique inherited traits.

Inherited traits are passed down from parents to offspring in DNA. Here are some flying lizard traits.

It might seem odd, but it's true. This lizard can actually fly. Well, it glides at least. That's why it's also called the gliding lizard. The lizard can glide up to 30 feet in its Asian rainforest home.

You might be wondering what helps the flying lizard glide. Well, it's actually loosely folded skin stretching from the lizard's front claws to hind legs, supported by five to seven ribs that can extend and retract.

This unique trait might seem weird ;), but it helps the lizard survive. It gives it advantages at being predator, prey, and more. It also gives the lizard a third name—the flying dragon.


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