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  • Weekly Weird

The Hidden Compartment

Hello. Welcome to another Weekly Weird where we talk about weird inherited traits animals have. Today we're going to talk about kangaroos.

Wait, what? Kangaroos? Those marsupials (mammals with pouches) that hop around the Australian Outback? What's so weird about them? Good question. Well it's their iconic pouches. Let me explain.

Kangaroos have pouches that they keep little, hairless, blind joeys (babies) in. They do that to protect them until they're old enough. Well, anything could fall out of or reach into the pouch. That's where the weird factor kicks in. Kangaroos use muscles in their body to suck in the pouch. Literally suck the pouch inside them.

What does the area where it was look like? Well, it looks like a furry belly. You can tell where the opening is by looking for an orange dot on their belly. It's located where a belly button would be. Understood? Good. Just remember to never touch a roo's belly. They are protective, very protective of their young.

Thanks for reading another Weekly Weird. Also, do pet a kangaroo in a zoo if you get the chance. Now don't leave yet. It's time for...

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