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Updated: Jan 3

Welcome to another weekly weird post. Here we talk about strange, unusual, and yes, weird inherited traits animals have. Just for a reminder, or if you're new, inherited traits are behavioral or structural traits passed down from parents to offspring through DNA. Today we're going to talk about an animal that deserves to be on the Weird Factor Chart. Well, if there was one. Let me add that to my list of hundreds of things I forget to do. Okay. For real this time. This animal really doesn't follow the rule: Don't play with your food.

You're sitting at the dinner table with your parents and on your plate there's celery and chicken. To drink you have cranberry juice. You don't like the celery so you pretend the celery is a person going for a swim and dip it in the cranberry juice. Your mom sees you and says, "Don't play with your food." Well, let me tell you this. A killer whale's mama doesn't say that.

That's right. We're heading back to the Antarctic to explore the playful world of the orca, the animal that probably invented the sport of volleyball. What? They invented volleyball? I know. It's crazy. Wait, no, I mean unusual. That's not right. It's weird! Well, it's not like I research strange inherited traits animals have, so how am I supposed to know?

Okay, I'm back on track. You know those adorable little-ish penguins? Penguins? What does that have to do with orcas? Stop asking questions! It'll come together right………now! Well, penguins are on the killer whale's menu, and they're kind of small (compared to killer whales, not krill or fish), but they're fast, so as always killer whales will hunt penguins in groups of at least two or more. One lonely penguin is swimming in the water when it sees two killer whales come up behind it. The penguin tries to swim away from the killer whales but one swims ahead of it. The orca behind the penguin gets the little-ish bird in its mouth.

Here's where the volleyball comes in. The orca throws the penguin to the other one. The other one uses its head, then the orca that started the games uses its tail. See, volleyball. They play the game over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Eventually the penguins get tired and weak. One thing's for sure, I'm tired and sad for that little-ish penguin. The penguin soon ends up in a killer whale's mouth. Then it's bye-bye for that penguin.

That's today's lesson: Don't play with your food. No, that was Weekly Weird. Also, if you are an orca, please play with your food and DON'T eat it. By the way, don't leave yet. Now it's time to know about, me!

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