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Losing Length

On the bottom of the Earth, a creature with unbelievable inherited traits thrives. Thanks to these incredible traits, this creature is the base creature in Antarctica. The Antarctic krill is more surprising than you think.

In Antarctica, the krill is food for many other animals. If there were less krill, there would be less life in the Antarctic ecosystem. Since krill are herbivores that means they depend on marine plants. In the summer they have plenty of plants to eat, but in winter, the number of plants reduces. How can the krill survive the winter? Well, they shrink in length and endure starvation for long periods of time.

Who knows how they do it, but krill literally lose length. This helps a ton. Let see how. By losing length, krill need less energy. How? Well, krill need energy to move their body. With a shorter body than usual, krill don't need to use as much energy. The lower need of energy reduces the amount of food they need to consume. This trait and being able to last a long time without eating definitely helps the Antarctic krill survive.

Now you know the secret to the krills' and Antarctic animals' survival.


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