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The Odyssey Trials
Caleb White

Two boys, one dog, and tons of mysteries. What could go wrong? Caleb, Miles, and Sadie have found themselves in deep trouble as a mysterious person keeps appearing during their Spring Break. Can the three find the true identity of this person or will Spring Break turn into the end of Earth?

The Odyssey Trials:
Revenge in the Shadows
Caleb White

Caleb, Miles, and Sadie go into yet another adventure along with a video game character named Eric. These heroes once again face many mysteries, but this time an unknown power has been unleashed. Shadow wants revenge and has a mysterious plan to get it. Can these heroes save Earth once again?

Jade's Name
Shanna White

After a heartbreaking divorce from her high school sweetheart followed by the loss of her father, 30 year old Jade looks for ways to reconnect with secrets from her childhood. Determined to find the truth behind who she really is, Jade continues to uncover more of her concealed past and build unlikely relationships with people she once knew, on her quest to find happiness once again.

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