What is Brain Imaginative Imagery?

Thanks for asking. Brain Imaginative Imagery, or BII for short, is a term created by author, Caleb White. It can be used while reading a book. BII means that you have an image in your head. You just have to imagine it. Think about reading a chapter book with no pictures. You think you have no visual of what's happening. Well, you're wrong. You can visualize the story using just two things: the words and your imagination. You can just imagine what's happening based on the words you read.
Caleb White, the author who created the term Brain Imaginative Imagery, created this website. It is also called Brain Imaginative Imagery. He also calls his website Brain2Image as well. This website is his book and author website. It's just named after the term to remind people to use it when reading his and other authors' books.


Caleb White

I am a fifth grader that lives in Texas. I live with my two parents and my dog, Sadie. I got into writing stories when I was in first grade. I wrote in my notebook about whatever popped in my mind. In second grade I wrote a five paper story for a school assignment. Since then, I have enjoyed and excelled in writing. In the middle of fourth grade I started making my first book. It took a few months and ended up being a good book. Soon, The Odyssey Trials was ready to be sold. Later, just after fourth grade, I published my second book, the sequel to my first.

Then, in late summer, I started my third book, but once I got into fifth grade, the progress on the book was delayed. Though, I never stopped writing and wrote a nineteen paged story for school. Even though I have started a few other books, I will finish my third soon.

Coming Soon...

The Odyssey Trials: Masked Reunion is soon to come out by the beginning 2021. As the third installment of the Odyssey Trials series, this book brings a new story in to the adventurous series. Along with this new adventure comes new characters, new settings, and new emotions that will entice you to read the rest. Make sure to subscribe to the Weekly Weird blog to check on the book's progress often and stay informed on how soon The Odyssey Trials: Masked Reunion will be released.

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